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PTSD & Depression rates are five times higher in first responders.
Studies have shown that PTSD and depression rates are five times higher in first responders than among regular civilians. Stress of the job and financial burdens are the major contributing factors. On average, a first responder witnesses 188 critical incidents during their career.
Most first responders admit to struggling in order to provide for their families despite the long, physical hours they endure. These factors also contribute to a divorce rate of 75% and attempted suicide rates ten times higher than that of the general public. Mental health carries a stigma making them feel alone without support or a proper plan.

First responder families are victims of secondary trauma. More than 97% of family members are concerned about the impact the first responder role plays on the mental health of their first responders. Sleepless nights, lonely holidays, and the feeling of a one parent home are just the beginning of what the families endure. As the first responder works through the trauma of the job, families report dealing with their loved one being emotionally numb, irritated/easy to anger, trouble sleeping, jumpiness, nightmares and many other symptoms. The stress of the job doesn’t leave at the door. Families often just need some time to reconnect outside of their usual setting. We would love to help them do just that!

Mental health carries a stigma making them feel alone without support or a proper plan.
Our goal is to provide a vacation in an Alaskan retreat to as many first responders as possible.
We provide a stress free, private atmosphere where the safety of our guests and their families are not at risk. Whether they are coming alone, as family, or with friends, we want to remove the financial burdens of a vacation that is not only needed but most deserved. This experience will give our first responders rejuvenation and morale that will follow them into the workplace.
A retreat provided free of cost will give them the sense of community and appreciation that is lacking so much in our current climate. With our goal of special accommodations for police, fire, and the families of the fallen, they will know they are a valuable asset in our communities and are truly cared for.

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